Moneybagg Yo Chooses Between Kanye West Production Or A Verse On "This Or That"

Alex Zidel
August 09, 2019 12:03

Moneybagg Yo picks between Instagram & Twitter, Yeezys or Jordans, and more.

Memphis rapper Moneybagg Yo has been in the headlines as of late for his connection to rising star Megan Thee Stallion as they inch toward becoming the next big rap power couple. Bagg is one of the brashest artists from his city, spitting consistent fire on a regular basis and continually keeping the fans satiated. He recently stopped by the office to take a quick quiz, answering some anxiety-inducing questions that would normally cause a serious dilemma.

Bagg started off by choosing the 90s over the 00s, noting that he rocked with all the big clothes people were wearing back then. When it came to choosing either weed or alcohol, the rapper picked marijuana as his primary vice. He's not personally a fan of how booze affects him so he'd rather a more mellow high. Then, he got to the hard questions. If ever he had to choose between Kanye West production or a verse from the legendary Chicago artist, Bagg would go for a feature. "I like how he be coming like, Ye can really rap," he said. "He can really spit. I like him. People be thinking he's crazy but I like him."

As for comedy, Bagg would pick Dave Chappelle over Kevin Hart. He's also more inclined to pick a dope beat over some lyrics because, being hit-oriented, he knows the importance of strong production. Watch the full video above.

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