Missy Elliot is currently readying the arrival of her seventh studio album, her first in over a decade, and as the pioneering femcee looks toward her first full-length offering of the 2010s, she's invited a few young talents to join her for the ride. In a recent interview, published by NDLYSS, it was revealed that Elliott has tapped Atlanta-based artists Wili Hendrixs and Michael Artistotle to head the production for her forthcoming album.

The duo has been hard at work as a unit since the 9th grade, and now the culmination of their efforts will arrive in the form of strong looks on Missy's latest. Hendrixs, 25, is best known for his work behind the boards for acts like Light Skin Keisha and Queen Key, as well as his mate Michael Aristotle, 25, whose own claim to fame particularly comes through his career as a rapper.

“Our plan wasn’t to work with Missy, it just happened randomly,” Hendrixs tells the publication. “She heard the music and realized that this sound was her sound back then but in our days time. We started to put our minds [together] and think, ‘What should Missy [sound] like in 2018?'”

The pair has built out a stellar catalog of cohesive tracks that illuminate the magic they create when together. Their chemistry is impalapable and one listen to their sound has us excited to see just what comes of their work alongside Misdemeanor.