Many are saddened by the news of Aretha Franklin illness. It was reported today that the singer's health is deteriorating rapidly and is expected to pass away sooner than later. Fans and celebrities alike are paying homage to Franklin in hopes she will regain her strength despite the odds.

Missy Elliot retweeted a message she had previously shared with her following, urging everyone to celebrate living legends while they are still present. She spread some more love for Aretha specifically.

"My prayers are with Aretha Franklin & her family during this difficult time  LOOK BELOW @ what I tweeted at the top of the year we MUST CELEBRATE the Living Legends while they are here to see it. So many have given us decades of Timeless music..."

Mariah Carey also shared her love for the singer with a video clip posted to Instagram.

"Continued prayers for the Queen of Soul, Miss Aretha Franklin. Love to the Franklin family, stay strong! 🙏❤"

She doubled up the support on Twitter, "praying for the queen of soul."

Ciara is also among those sending her love to the living legend, while Chance The Rapper is in virtual tears.

Hopefully, the positive vibes reach the soul diva and help extend her cherished life.