This past weekend marked a historical move since 25-year-old Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers became the first black Miss Universe Great Britain. Dee-Ann is from Anguilla and will represent Great Britain at the Miss Universe pageant later this year. 

“I believe that this is the direction that the pageant has been going in for the last couple of years because Britain is a diverse nation, we are a multicultural society and it is time that that diversity is seen on a stage where other young black girls and girls of all ethnicities can see that this is something for everybody not just some of us,” she told Buzzfeed News.

Dee-Ann is not only a beauty, as she recently passed her bar exam from The University of Birmingham law school and will be called to the bar later this month. She's also competed in the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

"Going into a pageant that is full of diverse and beautiful women you have to see your individuality as something that is important," she added. "Because you can sit there and compare yourself body wise, facially, and it will do you no good. So mentally it is about just being confident and putting yourself out there as the truest form of yourself.”