Earlier this week, Miley Cyrus shared some videos on Twitter that saw her twerking her heart out to Megan Thee Stallion as a way to join the hot girl summer club. Miley was clearly in her at-home work out studio and set the camera up to catch her mirrored reflection of her twerking from the ground up. By the looks of it, Megan has yet to respond to Miley's efforts but of course, a better part of the internet has shared their comments on the clip. 


"Love miley but that shits about as jiggly as a brick," one user responded to the clip, while another added, "Miley Cyrus has the most unseasoned flavorless twerking videos my god."

Miley did defend herself on Instagram after someone commented on whether or not the singer is good at twerking. "Literally doesn't matter! Dancing health benefits: improved condition of your heart and lungs. increased muscular strength, endurance and motor fitness. increased aerobic fitness. improved muscle tone and strength. stronger bones and reduced risk of osteoporosis. better coordination, agility and flexibility. YASS PLEASE."  


Peep more reactions below.