Mike Will Made It sent the internet into a frenzy on Saturday (October 20), when he seemingly confirmed the release date for Ape Shit. The highly anticipated album reunites Mike Will Made It with Future for a collaborative project. The producer was doing a live tweet session, responding to fans regarding a number of topics, but mainly his involvement with the Creed II soundtrack. One user asked the producer if he and Future forgot about the Ape Shit album, to which he retweeted and responded that he had not let the project disappear from his mind. Another user then asked Mike Will Made It when the album would drop, and he answered "November."

After the internet collectively lost their minds overnight, Mike Will Made It returned to Twitter on Sunday to backtrack. "Typo I meant Creed II project drops November, stay tuned for APE SHIT," he tweeted. With a number of projects on his plate, there is no surprise the talented producer may have gotten his dates switched up. Creed II will continue the Rocky franchise, and will circle back to the story of Ivan Drago and Apollo Creed. After Drago killed Creed in the ring, Rocky came back to win in redemption. Now, Creed's son Adonis looks to regain his father's honor by defeating Ivan Drago's son.