There's a lot of thirst in the rap world -- from fans and media alike, and when it comes to Kanye West, who's been promising his new album, SWISH, all year, that thirst is particularly magnified right now.

So when Mike Dean tweeted out a list of names, including Ye, Kendrick Lamar, Pusha T, 808s and MBDTF collaborator Jeff Bhasker and many more, the internet (and seemingly Pusha) ran with it, assuming it to be the credits of an epic upcoming track.

Dean has shut the rumors down, calling out the collective assumption in a tweet. "No collab coming from those guys. Just retweet from fan. Lol. U guys are thirsty," he wrote.

Later on he claimed that the list of names was simply a shoutout to his favorite artists. Check out the tweets below.