Outside of last year’s 3-song package, R&B singer, Miguel, has been extremely quiet when it comes to new music. Well good new fam, it looks like that maybe changing soon as Miguel's next album is reportedly right around the corner.

In a new interview with Billboard, President of Urban Music at RCA Records, Mark Pitts, spoke on the status of Miguel’s new album and it was nice to hear what he had to say. Aside from the possible Spring release date, Pitts says the follow up to 2012’s Kaleidoscope Dream will be titled Wild Heart. He also revealed that its 90% done as well.

Check out the excerpt below, and peep the entire article here, where Pitts’ talks on the success of J. Cole’s 2014 Forest Hills Drive, the status of Usher’s new album, and much more.

What’s the latest on Miguel’s new album?
"We’re 90 percent done. Its working title is Wild Heart and we’re talking second quarter. He’s more confident, and it’s going to show in the music, his look and in the videos. Miguel is ready to push the button. His first album was about trials and tribulations. The second was OK, we’re here; I wasn’t bugging. And now it’s here we go. He wants people to understand who he is. He’s tired of people asking who are you, what’s that, do you like girls?” He tells me, “I want everyone to know I am wild, funny, edgy and love women. I need this album to connect."

You feeling the album title, Wild Heart?