Migos, the Atlanta-based trio that put forward hits like "Versace," has already recorded a large amount of content for the 2014 year, but according to an interview the three took with XXL at SXSW, it looks like Migos is queuing up to release their debut album in addition to the other projects they've committed to.

“It gonna be an album. We ain’t gonna drop no tape. We don’t need no major for it, nah mean?” OffSet, of Migos, says to XXL.

They're already on Quality Control Music’s Solid Foundation 2 compilation (the first one was actually pretty sick), slated for release this year, but they already have 10 songs down, but it looks like they're raring to drop even more. 

“We gonna drop Y.R.N. 2, the album, and everything gonna be crazy. Just how we always do.” Quavo said. “We like 10 songs in. But that’s all you need for an album these days. But, we are gonna take it back to the ‘90s. We might load up 20 songs like how we did with No Label 2.”

So, it looks like Migos' Y.R.N. 2 is not going to be a mixtape, but a fully-fledged album. It's true, Hip-Hop doesn't really produce the 70+ minute records like it used to. While some would argue that's a good thing, we're happy that Migos is aiming for more content, rather than less. If they're really keen on taking it back to the 90's, perhaps they should throw in a couple of skits as well. 

Considering that Migos has worked with industry giants like Drake and French Montana, we're eager to learn who might crop up on their official album. They assure us that they'll welcome anyone who wants to collaborate with "open arms" (provided they're of the famous-gold/platinum selling sect). On the subject, Offset says:

"We willing to work with anybody that wants to work with us. It’s open arms. It ain’t no hating on no situation. We like to get money. Whoever wants to work with us and make some money, let’s do it."

Indeed. Look out for more Migos coverage as it comes and stay posted! What do you think of the prospect of a Migos album? When it comes, do you think you'll listen? 

Either way it looks like they have an unbelievable amount of content stacked up and in the works. How do they do it? Well, as TakeOff says, “We got a studio in the mansion so we working non-stop."

Keep a loot out for Y.R.N. 2! Grab the first Y.R.N.here.