Migos have yet to be stopped. In fact, the group are picking up more momentum than ever. The trifecta has officially covered XXL's "Winter Issue," continuing the prove that they stand among the game's most unyielding forces. 

Takeoff refers to the pair as the "Three-Headed Monster," a possible low-key reference to the iconic Dr. Dre, Eminem, & 50 Cent XXL cover. “We all got similarities, but something stands out about each member," explains Takeoff. Offset expands on the narrative, explaining "[We are] the biggest group in the world to ever exist. ’Cause we can do individual and we can go as a group." Of course, this isn't the first that the Meegs have proclaimed their dominance over the game at large; they have taken to using The Beatles as a barometer, the way John Lennon once used Jesus Christ to measure his own success. 

Consider that Quavo's Quavo Huncho and Takeoff's The Last Rocket are but two of the Migos solo canon. As of now, Offset's project is dropping on December 14th, though the title has yet to be revealed. Still, Quavo seems more than confident that Set's album will only expand on the narrative. "All of the great groups that we’ve seen have never let their group be what they could have been,” he says. “Ain’t nothing gonna stop us but us and God. Everything else is in this water.” 

Congratulation for the Migos, who have secured themselves yet another milestone in their ever-growing career. Let us see what 2019 has in store for the supergroup. Be sure to check out the entire interview, which features extensive documentation on Takeoff playing Fortnite, Quavo going fishing, and Offset laying down verses for his project.