To say that Meek Mill is a "trash rapper" is unfair and uncalled for. The man literally had one of the best albums of last year so to bring him down like that makes zero sense. Still, Michael Rapaport is out here speaking before he thinks things through, consistently getting in trouble because of his loud mouth. Don't get me wrong, he's entertaining as hell. Every time he's in the headlines, you know he'll be saying some crazy shit. However, his assessment of Meek Mill's talents was just absurd.

The hip-hop critic hopped on Twitter to bring down Meek Mill, who proved to have quite the success story in 2018. Bringing up his battle against Drake, the traditionalist said that Meek isn't even a top 20 rapper from Philadelphia... After the rapper actually responded with his own tweets, Michael Rapaport is stepping back completely during a new interview with Sway on his radio show. He called in to backpedal, clarifying that he misspoke when he used the word "trash." "I should not have used that word, he's absolutely not a trash rapper," said the actor. He then goes on to bring up the positive elements in his tweet, noting that he wishes he could take back his "trash" opinion. "It was a stupid word to use," he said.

Michael Rapaport is one of the biggest trash talkers in the hip-hop community. This isn't the first or the last time that he'll lash out like this.