50 Cent is no longer willing to be a father to Tekashi 6ix9ine after he blatantly snitched on his friends, so now one of the rapper's homies is stepping up to assume daddy duties.

When he was building his name in New York, Tekashi 6ix9ine sought advice from 50 Cent, one of the most infamous trolls in rap history. Apparently, he learned how to hide money from the star and soaked in all of his wisdom. Unfortunately, Fiddy is no longer willing to entertain the rainbow-haired rapper. However, his close friend Michael Blackson is ready to step up as Tekashi's father.

Sharing their direct message conversation on his page, Blackson revealed that 6ix9ine reached out to him before he offered to take care of the rapper.

"Hey beechn***a I saw your tweet about me snitching but I had no choice they did me dirty," says 69. 

"You just need a good father figure in your life, Sorry 50 Cent abandoned you. I can help but I don't know what to do with a Mexican rainbow dressing n***a," replied Blackson, getting a laugh out of the rapper. "I'll be your father if we can delete those tattoos off your face, comb your fucking hair, you start wearing dashikis and you let me fuck 3 of them beeches in your last video."

That's a lot for 6ix9ine to part ways with. He could use some guidance though. Do you think Michael Blackson should adopt him?