Melania Trump's recent statement on the #MeToo movement may not be taken lightly since she told ABC News that if you have been sexually assaulted, you “need to have really hard evidence” to prove it happened. 

"If you are accused of something, show the evidence,” Trump said during her first major solo trip to Africa. “We need to show the evidence. You cannot just say to somebody ‘Oh I was sexually assaulted, or you did that to me,’ because sometimes the media goes too far. The way they portray some stories; it’s not correct, it’s not right.”

Although she supports women, she details how men need to be supported as well. “I support the women, and they need to be heard,” she explained. “We need to support them, and you know also men not just women.”

Back when Melania's husband, Donald Trump, was amidst a bunch of sexual assault allegations followed by a recording detailing how he wants to grab woman "by the pu**y," she defended Donald saying he was "egged on."

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