Megan Thee Stallion had a big night ahead of her on Saturday, as she would be performing at the BET Hip Hop Awards and nominated in five of its categories. Her latest project, Fever, ended up winning for Best Mixtape and Megan shared a message on Instagram afterwards, thanking her fans and collaborators. We'll have to wait for the broadcasted ceremony on Tuesday to see whether she took home any other awards. 

With so many stars aligning for the Houston rapper, one would think that nothing could rain on her parade. However, just before Meg was set to walk the red carpet last night, her dog decided to urinate on her extravagant gown. Even though her French bulldog, 4oe, is painfully cute, she still reprimanded him a bit for making such an untimely error. In the video of Meg discovering that the train of her dress was soiled, she irritatedly asks the pup, "Are you serious? Why would you do that?" The person filming Stalli's reaction also hilariously narrates the situation: "I mean... he's just not gon' let you be great... I mean, the sheer disrespect!"

Turns out that 4oe's inconsideration didn't totally derail the evening because Megan still wore the red gown to the Awards and still looked fabulous.