If ever he wishes to seriously pursue a career in the music industry, Meek Mill's son already has a head start. He's basically guaranteed to get a meeting with any label in the world, just off of his last name alone. Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill has been showing off more of his personal life on social media, posting videos with his son and enjoying some time with his family for the holidays. Of course, the man has a studio built into his home for when inspiration spontaneously hits and, as a fun activity with his son, Meek decided to let everyone into his recording session. He didn't detail the work that he had put in, keeping his moves relatively secret. However, Meek wanted us all to recognize just how ready his son is for his own record deal.

Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Posting a clip of his mini-me singing into the microphone, Meek laughed about the lyrical content his nine-year-old was spitting. "She lied to me, she made me think that she loves me but it turns out she just wants me for money," croons the little boy. Throw some auto-tune on there and we've got a star. Clearly, Meek was entertained watching his son tear it up in the stu, pouring his heart out and surely ending up with a fire track.

Do you think Meek Mill's son will be the breakout star of 2020?