Meek Mill is currently enjoying the biggest legal win to date in his long history with the law. After a contentious battle with one judge, Meek was finally granted a new trial and was taken off probation for the first time in his adult life. It is likely that Meek's original charges, stemming from a bust orchestrated by dirty police, will be dropped. Now that the stress of the legal battle can be pushed to the back of Meek's schedule, he is free to enjoy himself a little more. On Saturday night, Meek performed at a club called NOTO Philadelphia in his city. After performing, Meek also stayed for an after-party event. According to TMZ, at one point in the night, Meek brought out his 9-year-old son, Rihmeek, to rap in front of a raucous crowd.

Young Rihmeek drops a few bars in between chants of encouragement from the crowd. After a few lines though, Rihmeek falls off the flow and his father has to snatch the microphone back from the youngen. Meek offers his son a quick but stern warning to get his bar game up while shaking his hand. It looks like young Rihmeek will be practicing before he gets back on stage with his father.