Meek Mill currently has one hour out of the day where he can get some fresh air and look up into the sky, while the other 23 hours he’s in solitary confinement serving his 2-4 year prison sentencing for violating probation. However, Meek is desperately wanting that to change and is trying to get his lawyers to get him out of solitary and into general prison population.

Meek’s attorney filed legal documents recently saying that the Philly rapper is a victim of his celebrity status. The lawyers say prison officials are worried about Meek interacting with other inmates, so they put him in solitary because it's the only way they can protect him and keep his safe. However, Meek’s legal team want the judges to see that putting anyone in solitary confinement is a detriment to one’s psyche, and ultimately could hurt Meek in the long run. The lawyers also added that solitary is severely inhibiting Meek's creativity. He's writing and exercising a lot, but it's apparently taking its toll on him now.

Despite what prison officials think, Meek reportedly believes he’ll be just fine in general population thanks to his street credibility and his friendly donations & giving back to those less fortunate since becoming famous.

Whether or not the judge allows Meek to get out of solitary is anyone's guess, but things are about to get somewhat better for Meek in the coming week. On Friday, the MMG rapper will finally get to hit up the prison commissary for the first time for snacks & toiletries, and come next week he’ll be able to get his first visitor as well.

This report surfaces just hours after finding out that Meek’s judge, who had it out for him since day 1, apparently allowed & wanted him to do business with a convicted felon. Judge Genece Brinkley, wanted Meek to leave Roc Nation and go work with music manager Charlie Mack, who she was a friend of. But what she didn't realize is that Charlie had a felony on his record (or maybe she did know), and that would’ve been another protocol in which Meek would've broken (read the story here).

We’ll continue to keep you posted on all the latest news with Meek moving forward. #FreeMeek