More reports continue to surface from the behind the scenes happenings surrounding Meek Mills recent prison sentencing. 

Judge Genece Brinkley, who is no being investigated for her ruling practices in the case since she reportedly pressured Meek into leaving Roc Nation to work with music manager Charlie Mack, has now broken another protocol by letting Meek associate with Charlie, who is a convicted felon. 

Documents from TMZ show that in a January 2014 court session, Meek's attorney at the time, Gary Silver, and the prosecutor, Noel DeSantis, discussed how Genece made an exception for Meek to meet with Charlie, even though by law he was not allowed to. 

The Court: "Okay. The other thing that was raised that I have to address is this issue about him signing parole papers, probation papers that he's not going to be around convicted felons ... and the rules of probation state he can't be around convicted felons."

Noel: "Your Honor, [Meek]'s not supposed to be around anyone who is under supervision and be around known felons. Your Honor made an exception back in the day with the management to Mr. Mac. That was the only exception that you made."

Even after Genece was put on the spot for allowing Meek to meet with Charlie, the music manager has denied having any ties with the judge. Meek's lawyer, Joe Tacopina, does not believe Charlie even for a minute. He thinks Genece tainted the ruling for her and Charlie's own business ventures. 

"Another first in my 26 years of practice. Just shocking," Joe tells TMZ.

Since the news broke that Meek could be facing two to four years in prison for violation of probation, tons of acts in the hip-hop community have come forward calling the system out for the harsh sentencing. A notable name to be against the ruling is Jay Z who took some time from his recent show in Dallas to express his frustration. 

“I’ve got to say something about a young man by the name of Meek Mill,” he said. “He caught a charge when he was, like, 19. He’s 30 now, he’s been on probation for 11 years. F**king 11 years. Judge gave him two to four years because he got arrested for being on a bike and popping a f**king wheelie.”