After reaching the zenith of social advocacy in several states, no one is questioning Meek Mill's motivation in posting social commentary. He's come this far, in so little time, since catching up with a lifetime spent dealing with adversity. So, it's under that lens that we view everything he posts on Twitter, including a recent lamentation on the enduring relics of slavery, readily present in US Currency.

As Meek Mill so aptly pointed out, "Slave owners on the money we carry," before a relaying a feeling of resignation common to many Black Americans. It's true, some of the American "folk heroes" represented on currently-issued US Currency were in fact "slave owners," dating back the period that preceded the constitutional enactment of the Jim Crow laws, endemic to systemic racism in this country. 

George Washington inherited slaves at a young age, Ulysses S Grant, Benji Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, and Andrew Jackson all reportedly fell into the "possession" of slaves as well, during various stages of their life and presidency. Only Abe Lincoln appears to be exempt from the discussion for obvious reasons, but not to the extent where the opposite wouldn't be conceivable. What are your thoughts on Meek Mill's talking point, comment below?