Meek Mill is in an interesting place, musically speaking. The product of an unapologetic upbringing in the Philadelphia slums, Meek's formative music was intrinsically tied to the street lifestyle. As his status grew, Meek found himself facing adversity from unexpected corners. Following a publicized imprisonment over a trumped-up parole violation, the rapper found himself turning to activism, an authoritative voice on racial injustice and prison reform. Naturally, his music has been affected with his new single "Believe" being designed for "motivational purposes only."

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

Though the powerful Justin Timberlake-assisted track has been well received thus far, there are some who hope to see Meek back on his BS sooner rather than later. The rapper himself is more than willing to acquiesce, man of the people that he is. "That ignorant street coming next," he vows on Instagram, leaving us wondering whether we're in the midst of a full-blown album rollout. If so, it's likely we can expect Meek's most balanced album yet. At once socially consious and streets-friendly, navigating both territories with authenticity and integrity.

Which side of Meek Mill do you prefer? And how you do feel about "Believe?" Sound off in the comments below.