Meek Mill has been tapped to play a role in Angel Manuel Soto’s new film adaption of 12 O’Clock Boys, The 2013 documentary of the same name which followed a group of Young Baltimore residents who gained a sense of propriety out of riding their dirt bikes in packs of ten or more. The original screenplay is also seen as an insightful tool against police corruption plaguing the city at the highest court. 

A list similar to the one forwarded by Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner while he looked over the "Meek" case file is available "gubernatorial chairs" in Baltimore, as well. Meek's mobility as a touring artist opened him up to social causes in bordering states.

It's one thing to campaign for Super Bowl victory -- and heaven knows the City of Philadelphia was deserving of its title. But pro athletes and rappers alike have become more cognizant of the role racial antagonism plays in their labor disputes. There's nothing more threatening to Trump's prized "American Economy" than a full-scale labor strike. Once you consider the nature of the "threat" as Meek Mill seems to have done, you being to understand what Kaepernick is up against, and how he stands to receive a helping hand, and from whom.

As reported, Meek Mill will play the leader of a dirtbike gang in Soto's 12 O’Clock Boys. Oher actors with as little experience as Meek make up the rest of the cast. The politics of using non-actors in film roles still has its detractors. But on issues as sensitive as "racial criminalization" director have relied upon non-actors to convey authenticity. Meek Mill's arrangement with Angel Manuel Soto is no different. In accepting the #freemeekmill slogan as one of merit, Meek Mill became a pawn and a power player, each the same.