In 2016, a shooting at a Meek Mill concert left two men dead and two other people injured. Since then, Meek, the venue that hosted the concert, Live Nation and Roc Nation were listed in a lawsuit from one of the victims who survived after suffering gunshot wounds. While Meek Mill has insisted that he's not to blame for the shooting, he's faced a lot of legal issues do to it. Now, the victim who sued him is demanding $500K payout to settle the case.

One of the men who was shot during Meek Mill's 2016 concert filed an "offer to compromise" against the rapper and other defendants, TheBlast reports. Nathan Mitchell has offered to settle the case for $500K but there's a catch. In the documents, Mitchell emphasized that his offer will only be available for a limited amount of time. He also states that the amount could increase due to additional costs and expenses.

In Mitchell's lawsuit, he stated that Meek Mill was negligent for having inadequate security at the concert. He also claimed that Meek's lyrics incite violence and brought up how there's been shootings at his previous concerts. He also claimed that Meek Mill allowed “thugs to remain on the defendant’s premises.” He said the he was hospitalized and received medical support.

Meek Mill's denied all the allegations that said he was negligent or had anything to do with the shooting.