Meek Mill was released from jail earlier this year after spending five months behind bars, and while he's now in a great place (his new album is set to move somewhere around 200,000 copies first week), his friend and collaborator, Rick Ross, has found himself locked up.

Ross was initially denied bond after being arrested on charges of assault, battery, and kidnapping last month, but has since been released on a $2 Million bail. Meek Mill spoke to DJ Whoo Kid about the situation, in an interview which seems to have been recorded before Rozay's release.

"Free Ricky Rozay one time, they got my man down on some bullshit,” said Meek. “Hopefully he’d be out if he gets treated equally. The equal word is going around a lot lately. We waiting for Rozay to get treated equally, hopefully he get a bail so he can fight his case and see if he’s innocent or guilty."

The Dreams Worth More Than Money rapper argued that Ross should have been allowed bail from the start. "They already gave an impression of that he is guilty," he said. "You not even letting him out of jail to be able to fight his case. You giving off the impression to the jury and stuff already. When a jury got a hand in the case, they’re going to think he’s guilty already because he’s doing time for it already.”

Watch the full interview below.