This week, Sony Pictures Entertainment dropped off the first trailer for The Intruder, a psychological thriller that stars Meagan Good, Michael Ealy and Dennis Quaid.

In it, Ealy and Good portray a young married couple, Scott and Annie, who purchase a dream home in Napa Valley from previous homeowner, Charlie, played by Quaid. Soon, the duo realizes that Charlie has a strange attachment to the house, as he cites that his great, great grandfather built it. After selling, Charlie continues to pop up and becomes possessive of the property and even Annie.

While a psychological thriller of this sort certainly isn’t new, it’s a different look for Dennis Quaid, whose known for less intense roles, especially when being recognized as the beloved father in the 1998 Parent Trap flick.

As for Ealy, we’ve seen him in this setting before, playing the antagonist in the Perfect Guy thriller opposite Sanaa Lathan while Meagan Good’s most notable role in a thriller-genre film was in 2006’s Waist Deep. Naturally, The Intruder offers up just enough to reel the audience in come April 26th when it’s set to hit theaters.

The new trailer marks one of the first in a handful of notable releases that are set to arrive next year from Sony Pictures.