Hip hop mogul Master P steadily attempts to drop knowledge on the up-and-coming generation in hopes of giving them sound advice that will steer them toward the direction of success. Some call him an "old head" while others take notes, but P continues to speak regardless of if anyone's listening. 

The No Limit CEO recently shared a video on his Instagram pagewith a few words of wisdom. In his "Master P Master Class," P lets people know that they shouldn't be upset at another person's successes if they're wasting their time partying or being lazy. "Giving the blue print to the next generation," he wrote in the caption. "Everybody has 24hrs. If you are partying and playing most of time you won’t get anything out of it but if you invest in your time wisely you will reach your dreams and your goals. People with vision can see the results before it happens."

The Lousiana native has apparently connected with another artist from his home state. Over on Master P's son Romeo Miller's page, it looks like NBA YoungBoy was looking to P for a little bit of guidance during his time on house arrest following his recent release from prison. "Glad to see @nba_youngboy soaking up knowledge from my pops @masterp the other night," Romeo wrote. "Great convos and gems. At the end of the day, keep striving and learn from every lesson. I see the light in you, just make sure you see it. Let them judge but don’t let them take your peace. God got his hands on you homie. NoLimits. Romans 2: 1-3 #LousianaStrong."