Kanye West is known for a lot of things now, not all of them good. One thing that he will always be fondly remembered for, however, is his innovative use of samples in his music. From his "chipmunk soul" beginnings, Kanye has always been great at flipping a sample.

On his new project with Teyana Taylor, Kanye appears to have gone back to his soul and gospel roots as a producer. While the project wasn't as overly gospel influenced as The Life of Pablo was, it still makes use of the genre. More specifically, a sample from Marvin Sapp's gospel track, "Never Would've Made It."

As it turns out, Sapp actually appreciates the use of his song by Kanye and other artists as well. In a post he made on Instagram yesterday, Sapp speaks on how honored he feels that people are still feeling his song today.

"In 2006 when I wrote this song in a worship service after the death of my father initially I never intended it to be heard," Sapp writes. "It was something I thought God gave me to get through my rough time. 12yrs later it’s still touching and changing lives universally."

Sapp mentions that the song was sampled last year on DJ Khaled & Chance The Rapper's "I Love You So Much," and now it's on Teyana's "Never Would Have Made It." That's the beauty of music sampling, that it can take an old classic and introduce it to the newer generation.

Check out the whole post below.