New York Comic Con is a festive time for Marvel fans to get a first-hand look at the World's foremost notorious city. With the walls of the convention center, the production company/ legendary comic imprint was busy rolling out new plotlines taken from their upcoming Netflix venture, Daredevil Season 3. Of everything on the docket at Comic Con, the most exciting discovery to fans of the series is a detailed account of Matt Murdock's newest nemesis.

Enter: Benjamin Pointdexter aka Agent Dex, a character Marvel developed as a potential pseudonym for Bullseye, the villain Colin Farrell portrayed in the 2002 film adaptation for the Daredevil franchise. The most likely verdict is that Benjamin Pointdexter is a new Marvel creation, all to himself. Daredevil's 3rd Season should begin as Matt Murdock (played by Charlie Cox) emerges a tattered and broken man.

Unfortunately, there's a lot riding, maybe too much, on his return to full strength, because Daredevil's longtime nemesis Wilson Fisk is expected from prison, and that ain't good for the everyday peddler in Hell's Kitchen. Whether Fisk and Dex will intersect in the new season, is something we don't have an answer for at the moment. However, we do know that Benjamin Pointdexter will be played by Wilson Bethel.

Tune in on October 19th for the Netflix launch.