Marvel Comics continues to make its presence felt in the hip hop world with regular adaptations of iconic hip hop covers. This week the superhero brand has partnered with artists to create three new covers, featuring Kanye West, Jay Z and Vic Mensa. Swipe through the gallery above to see them all in both .gif and static format.

Kanye West’s latest release The Life Of Pablo gets turned into a Mighty Captain Marvel cover, created by Jenny Frison. Jay Z’s American Gangster cover gets turned into an Elektra cover, created by Keron Grant. Finally, Vic Mensa’s There’s A Lot Going On gets turned into a Bullseye cover, with the nice little touch of changing the title to “There’s A Lot Being Thrown,” created by Tim Bradstreet.

Which artists should be the next creations of Marve’s crack team of illustrators? We had a few ideas, but there are plenty of iconic covers to choose from.