If you were on your phone this past weekend scrolling through Instagram, you may have come across a video of a man climbing an apartment building to save a dangling child who could have fallen to death. The video truly proves that all heroes do not wear capes as Mamoudou Gassama climbed so fast, in such a courageous way that the French President has now awarded him for his efforts.

Mamoudou is 22-years-old and is an immigrant from Libya. Due to this viral video, he has now been awarded full citizenship in France, a medal and a job as a firefighter. “You saved a child,” Emmanuel Macron told Mamoudou.  “Without you, no one knows what would have become of him. You need courage and the capability to do that.”

The child's father apparently left the child in the apartment alone to go shopping and play Pokemon Go. He is scheduled to appear in court in September for parental neglect.

"I ran. I crossed the street to save him," Mamoudou said, saying God helped him. "When I started to climb, it gave me courage to keep climbing. Thank God I saved him."

Watch the incredible video below.