Craig Wright, the man who once claimed to be Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, is now being sued for $10 Billion USD by the David Kleiman estate. Kleiman, who was previously credited with helping create the rampantly popular cryptocurrency, died in 2013; however, the late founder's-brother Ira is alleging Wright got a hold of all of his shares. 

Wright is also being blamed for writing fake documents with Kleiman's forged signature, which effectively gave him ownership of a company called W&K. Details remain relatively scant as to whether Kleiman or Wright had any crucial aspect in Bitcoin's development, but it is confirmed that the duo did have access to mining tools that helped the company amass a high cryptocurrency value. 

The lawsuit reveals that Bitcoin, alongside any of its associated intellectual property, are valued somewhere between $5 to $10 billion USD. Wright once admitted that he was actually the founder of Bitcoin, using the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto for unknown reasons. He ultimately lacked any evidence to support his claims, eventually withdrawing this revelation days later. 

Bitcoin has routinely courted controversy over the past couple of months, whether it was news of the cryptocurrency's meteoric rise or catastrophic decline, the digital coin has remained in news headlines for better or for worse.