In case you've been living under a rock, a photo of Larsa Pippen and NBA player, Malik Beasley holding hands and walking through a Miami airport together surfaced online this week — first exciting fans with their budding romance, then appalling them as they realized it was actually a cheating scandal unfolding.

Beasley's wife, Montana Yao — who claims to have found out of her husband's alleged affair the same way we did: Online — shared her reaction to the news via her Instagram story. "Wow… I don’t even know this man," she wrote. "The truth always comes out one way or another. I’ve always and will forever remain true to who I am and GOD has never let me down. Appreciate all the love y’all for real."

As more and more details of their alleged affair come to light, eagle-eyed fans pointed out a comment that Beasley had left on Pippen's Instagram back in October, suggesting that their relationship goes back a tiny bit further than we thought. The Minnesota Timberwolves player commented on one of Pippen's selfies posted on October 23. 

"I just want to take you on a date and treat you like a queen," he wrote.

Image via Larsa Pippen Instagram

Leaving a flirty comment under somebody's photo seems like a really great way to get caught cheating. I'm amazed that he was outed by the paparazzi before this comment was uncovered.