While Madlib is generally noted for his calm demeanor, and speak less- do more mentality, on June 29th he used Twitter to make the least subtle of inferences. His flex: using an iPad, and solely an iPad to produce all the beats on Bandana with Freddie Gibbs. After dropping the incredulous claim, Madlib hopped in a cabby, never to be seen again - until early this morning, when his conscience caught up with him.

Madlib elaborated on those claims in a subsequent Twitter post. By the sound of it, a good number of Twitter users/hip-hop enthusiasts were perturbed by his perceived audacity. And thus, Madlib felt the need to clear the air, his intentions never irreverent or divisive in nature. For Madlib, creativity can be harvested on a moment's notice; the same CAN'T be said of your average bedroom producer, especially with so few resources (i.e an iPad tablet).

"Some of these n---s mad lmao. I’m gonna keep making good music I like," Madlid wrote in the subsequent post. "I'm gonna keep doin my thing till i’m 90. i’m gonna keep getting better. That iPad remark was just to say stop making excuses - use a tape deck if necessary. Technology is what you make it."

That said, the negative reaction over Madlib's initial Tweet is quite telling: jealousy is a scourge. Those who bought iPads to diddle on the toilet should take note: technology can limit your creativity, but it also provides a structural base for your work. Pick your poison, and remember, no one that YOU or anyone for that matter, become a jobless creative type. Don't you dare scapegoat Madlib's iPad efficiency.