While Machine Gun Kelly's widely publicized feud with Eminem set September 2018 (a month hip-hop historians have come to dub "World War White,") ablaze, it's easy to forget that Gunner found himself sparring with another foe: Young Gerald of the Bay. Before "Killshot," G-Eazy and Machine Gun Kelly traded shots on wax, with "Bad Boy" and "Nonstop Freestyle" respectively. Following the lyrical tilt, MGK doubled down on the narrative that he played the role of the rebound during Halsey and G-Eazy's split. And while it never reached MGK/Em levels, the disrespect was notable nevertheless.

Yet it would appear that both parties have officially found common ground. During the grand opening of Las Vegas' KAOS Dayclub/Nightclub at the Palms, G-Eazy made it clear that the animosity was over. Our own source in the crowd, the boy Alex Zidel, witnessed the exchange first-hand. Citing the pair as "bro-ing it up" during J Balvin's performance, G-Eazy proceeded to bring MGK onstage, marking the official end to their beef. In honor of the peace treaty, Machine Gun Kelly shared a captionless picture of the moment on his IG page, allowing the image to speak for itself. 


Hopefully, we can see this budding friendship come alive in the booth, and with both G-Eazy and Machine Gun Kelly plotting new albums in the near future, the time is now. Are you happy these two buried the hatchet? Think what you will about both parties, but it's always nice to see an act of unity in the rap game. One has to wonder if Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly will ever find themselves shaking hands, face to face, as men. Stranger things have happened, have they not?