Mac Miller died of an apparent drug overdose yesterday. Although law enforcement officials are still in the process of solidifying the details around his death, it seems like other individuals might have applied a conscious effort to make this end more difficult. 

The home in which Mac Miller's body was found is said to have been "swept clean" before legal authorities arrived on the premises. Law enforcement sources say that only a negligible amount of white powder was found as they searched the house for indications of the events that led to the rapper's untimely death. They say that the house appeared to have been swept clean since no real evidence of drug abuse was left behind.

The police believe Mac Miller overdosed on drugs despite the pristine appearance of the location. In their opinion, it would be very unusual for someone who ingested a fatal amount of drugs to have the foresight of getting rid of all drug paraphernalia in the event that their drug use would lead to their death.

People were witnessed at the house in question on both Thursday and Friday when 911 was called. According to testimonies given to the cops, no one saw Mac alive past Thursday night.