A couple weeks back, Lupe Fiasco and Kid Cudi had a bit of a back-and-forth on Twitter, following Lupe's support of Kendrick Lamar's views on Ferguson. In a new interview with Sway, Lupe has revealed that his issues with Cudi go further back, reminding us of another Twitter quarrel he had with Cudder over an offer to record personal verses for fans.

Fiasco began by going back to his early friendship with the Man On The Moon rapper. "I met Cudi when he worked at the BAPE store. He was a good dude, I loved his music," he said, explaining that he supported the rapper through his abuse of drugs. "I know when some people get fame really quick, it'll tear you apart."

Lupe then went on to recall an offer he made to his fans that Cudder voiced disapproval over. “I told my fans, ‘Yo, if you want a Lupe verse, I’ll write it for you for $500. It’ll be yours; you can’t put it on Twitter — it’s yours. Don’t leak the shit or do whatever; it’s yours.’ And Cudi went on Twitter and was like, ‘Yo, Lupe, what you gonna do with that money?’… I’m thinking he joking. He's like 'Lupe's trying to swindle his fans, I would never do my fans like that'.”

Rather than last week's comment, it was this engagement that burned the bridges between the two rappers, and apparently Lupe's been trying to contact Cudi directly ever since. “I said, ‘Yo, gimme this bitch ass n-gga Cudi’s number, if I see him, I’m knockin’ him the fuck out,” he told Sway. “‘Cause I wanna get to the bottom of what the fuck you talkin’ about. Because it’s me. The same n-gga you went in Complex and was like, one of the only n-ggas who reached out to me genuinely and had love for me was Lupe. But now I’m some fuckin’ thief? Now I can’t find you? Nobody knows where you are?”

Lupe decided to end his piece with an invitation to Cudi. “Let’s settle this,” he stated. “Talk to me, before I fuck you up.”

Watch the full interview below. The Cudi comments start at 33:20.