Lupe Fiasco recently surprised fans by revealing that he would be dropping three albums in 2016. He announced that the first album would be called Drogas but did not give any further details, adding that he was "not taking any questions at this time." Today, however, as he was feeling the Christmas spirit, he decided to share the titles of the other two albums he plans to release next year: Skulls and Roy

Not much else is known regarding the nature of any of the three releases. To begin the year, the focus will be on Drogas, which, as you probably know, is the Spanish term for drugs. If anyone has any ideas on how the titles Skulls and Roy might relate to Drogas or to any of Lupe's past work, please share your thoughts in the comments.

Lupe also has one more project on deck -- the sequel to his 2007 album The Cool -- though he doesn't plan to release The Cool 2 until winter 2017.