Imagine getting things thrown at you while you do your job. Not entirely the most fun you can think of, right? Such is the reality for many artists who get up on stage to perform. In the past, some artists have been more vocal than others in their attempts to stop fans from throwing things on stage (ahem, Lil Wayne) and others choose not to address it. During a recent concert, Ludacris figured that enough is enough, hurling threats at an attendee who threw a cup at him while he performed. Stopping the song, Luda gave a clear message to the fan.

The Blast obtained footage of Ludacris snapping, stopping his concert to address the drink-throwing fan to tell him that he does not mind stepping down and giving him some "Southern Hospitality." Noting that his more violent lyrics are not fictional, Luda warned the concertgoer that if he threw something else at the stage, he would receive the ass-whooping he deserves. The star quipped, "I'ma be real with you. This motherfuckin' song called 'Throw Them Bows,' that shit is real and I'll come down and whoop your motherfuckin' ass." Performing his set at Atlantic City's brand new Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, the fan was probably too drunk to use their better judgment. Regardless, this isn't the first time a rapper has threatened violence for a similar incident. It's likely best to refrain from throwing things onto the stage when you attend a concert.

Check out video footage of the event right here.