Ever since his recent Verzuz battle with Nelly, Ludacris has been on many minds. That's not to say the Atlanta legend has been forgotten with time, but it can occasionally feel like his contributions to the game get lost in the shuffle. Now, many have been eager to hand the Word Is Mouf legend his flowers, including his own friend and collaborator Lil Wayne.

Ludacris Lil Wayne

Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images

While you may have recently heard them connect on the Timbaland-produced "Silence Of The Lambs," Cris kept the dynamic alive with a quick call to Weezy's Young Money Radio. Together, the pair looked back on some of hip-hop's iconic moments, with Luda taking a moment to appreciate the significance of OutKast's 1995 Source Awards victory speech

It's also interesting how when you take it back in history and you think about how Andre 3000 was like the south got something to say at the Source Awards when they beat Mobb Deep on that album, all respect due to my Mobb Deep, but that was a moment in time, in history, where everything started going a different way because it created that conversation," he explains. "The people that weren't up on Outkast, they literally started listening and they were forced to listen to it."

"Shout out to everybody that paved the way for us, the movements that happened with Cash Money and all the different movements." He continues, making sure to show Weezy some love in the process. "Like I say, man, I know you're a little younger than me, but honestly man, if it wasn't for you, Baby Slim, you all paved the way for me, so I honor that and I appreciate that."

Check out Luda's appearance on Young Money Radio right now, and sound off -- do you still have love for Ludacris