Despite having to deal with shade from her ex, Future, and controversies about her status on Meek Mill's "wishlist," Lori Harvey is very clearly focused on her current beau, Michael B. Jordan. 

In an appearance on The Real on Monday, the 24-year-old starlet gave unparalleled access into her relationship with 34-year-old Black Panther actor, Michael B. Jordan. 

Jordan, Harvey says, is good at just about everything, but shines in moments behind the scenes. 

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

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"Honestly, he's really good at all the big things, Valentine's Day, birthdays, all that," Harvey said. "But it's the little things, the everyday things that I think really is what makes him special ... he just listens to me when I talk." 

Going on to detail how Jordan shines beyond the big moments, like renting out an entire section of aquarium for a Valentine's Day dinner, Harvey said that things as simple as scooping her to hit a farmer's market are what make Jordan so special. 

"I had just been saying I really just wanted to go to a farmer's market," Harvey began. "So he called me Sunday morning ... and he took me an hour away to this really cute farmer's market and we had the best day."

Adding that Jordan is sweet and attentive, Harvey got more serious, saying that "when you know, you know."

"I really do believe in the statement when they say, 'when you know, you know,' ... I think that applies to our situation and we just have a really good time together." 

Harvey's appearance on The Real was her first television interview and, with the exception of a handful of heartfelt Instagram posts between the two, was the first opportunity we've gotten to really hear about the innerworkings of what seems to be one of Hollywood's most perfect couples. Neither Harvey nor Jordan have hinted at any next steps for the couple but based on how Harvey spoke about him and their dynamic together, it seems like there will be more bright days ahead.

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