The Real co-host Loni Love has been dating her boyfriend James Welsh since last year and has had to deal with some backlash in regards to the fact that James is white. "Amazed at times at the folks concerned that I am dating a White male... but for years Black males have dated White and “Exotic” women and no one questions it," she wrote on Twitter in response to the banter

Rich Fury/Getty Images

The 48-year-old has discussed her relationship with James even more on her talk show and during a recent discussion about your partner's children, Loni admitted that she hasn't met James' offspring just yet. "I haven't met James' grandkids," Loni said, that sparked Adrienne Bailon to assume she had met his kids. "No I haven't met the kids yet either," she responded. She explained how she saw videos and such and despite the fact that they also live in Los Angles, she just hasn't made the move to meet in person. 

When asked if she even wants to meet them, she said: "Yeah but I ain't ready yet [..] they see me on TV every day they know my personality."

Watch the full clip below.