A lot of rap couples seem to be becoming parents lately. Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose gave birth to their new son in February. Of course, Kanye West and Kim K have one on the way. Most recently, King Los and Lola Monroe became parents. Taylor Gang's femcee, Lola Monroe, gave birth to her son yesterday.

Lola tweeted the news, welcoming her and Los' baby boy to the world. She tweeted, "To God be the Glory!!!!! Our royal gift has arrived!!! I just gave birth to our baby….!!!! LOVE."

Los was just as excited as his baby mama, "A KING IS BORN!!!!!," the Bad Boy rapper tweeted. "God did some amazing things for us today !!!!!"

Plenty of their fans and friends were tweeting their congratulations to the couple, including TGOD's Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa.

Congrats to the two rappers on their new-born child!

[UPDATE: Los Reveals Name & Photograph Of Newborn Son]

Los spoke with XXL today revealing the name of his new son to be Brixton Royal Coleman. The bad boy rapper shared what his new parenthood means to him, and how it will affect his career.

“It’s really right back to work [for Lola and I]. As soon as she can – she already has a complete mixtape [Lipstick and Pistols] ready, so she kind of was making everything before she even knew she was going to have the baby, so she will have material out…I’m on her mixtape a few different times…we both have big mixtapes coming out . I’ve got Becoming King coming out and [Lola] has Lipstick and Pistols. Once we drop those…we basically go tour and we just do that whole thing. Raising our son is [the biggest] priority of 2013, just watching him grow and getting ready to have a Christmas with him.”

He also spoke of the Wiz Khalifa and Tyga's new additions to the family, adding that their children will be very close. “Then he has cousins like Sebastian, who’s Wiz [Khalifa's] son, and then Tyga hit me up today. We’re real cool with him and his baby’s mom; they just had their baby, so all the babies are close in age, so they’ll be real tight, too.”

View the photo of Brixton in the gallery above.