We all knew that Logic was a hard-working man but the extent of his dedication apparently knows no bounds. With ventures into film, television, and literature already announced, it had been hinted that Logic also had many albums waiting in the stash to be released. While his next project has yet to be announced, the recently donned Bobby Biracial is back to teasing the public with all that he's been working on. Not one to ever stop grinding, Bobby took to Twitter to reveal just how much he has completed and for fans of the recording artist, you're absolutely in luck.

Although Logic has a decent amount of haters, this announcement was intended for the diehard members of his Rattpack. Starting the tweet with "WE GOT MUSIC!!!!!!," the statement that Logic got out afterward will bring an instant smile to your face if you mess with him. "80 unreleased songs, 7 projects. Not for those who hate but for those who love us," wrote the artist. 

With 80 unreleased songs waiting to be heard and 7 completed projects in the vault, Logic can continually gift us with new music for at least the next five years. He can even take a break if he wants but something tells us he'll only continue his hustle as proven in the past. Bobby hasn't had much downtime either as of late, writing, "We making music everyday and SELLING OUT ARENAS!!!! Thousands every night I love you RattPack." 

Who knows when any of this will drop but for the sake of his fans, we really hope it's soon.