Though Logic's upbringing no doubt led to plenty of personal turmoil, his biracial status has become somewhat of a meme. As the dominant theme of last year's Everybody, Logic's dual racial identity ultimately took on a life of its own; it wasn't long before Logic and "Biracial" were all but synonymous. While nobody loves being the butt of a joke, one must be able to laugh at oneself in dire times. Luckily, the affable Catan aficionado Logic is no stranger to self deprecation. While having previously dabbled in "biracial" references on Instagram and Twitter, today, Bobby Tarantino has taken the joke to another level.

A quick examination of Logic's Twitter profile reveals an extreme makeover of sorts. Gone are the days of that familiar face in the profile picture; instead, Logic has opted to put Kyle's unassuming mug on display. It would appear that Logic has found his true identity, reaching final form like Wartortle to Blastoise, christening himself "Bobby Biracial."

It's difficult to imagine that Logic's profile will remain in this state, but for now, it's a testament to his refreshing sense of humor. One has to wonder what Bobby Biracial is capable of when it comes to the mic. Perhaps the moniker will stick; if you can't beat em, join em.