While fans rejoice at the fact that Logic’s new album, Everybody, is now out, unfortunately some bad news surfaced today as well. In a new interview with Genius, Logic says that his next album will be his very last.

"That’s going to be the last one. Everything with my life has been so fucking serious and it’s been a fucking message. And that’s not to say there won’t be a message and whatever, but I just want to end everything with a really big bang and get the fuck out of here. Better to go out on top like Jerry Seinfeld, nine seasons, No. 1 fucking show in the world, over a billion dollars. I'd rather do that.”

However, Logic clarified that he’s not retiring from music, but he’s got something special for fans instead. Something he says that’s never been done before in hip-hop.

"I’m going to do something that has not been done in hip-hop before, and I mean that conceptually as well… it’s the quadraptriology," he says. "If they’re putting on the next one, it must live in that Incredible True Story universe, and it’s going to be a story to end all stories, including my own. And then I’m going to go fucking act and get this money. I’m going to be a husband and take care of my little puppies and have some fucking kids and just enjoy life. Fuck that.”

Watch all that & more in the breakdown of Logic’s outro record “AfricAryaN,” which actually features J. Cole on it. While you’re at it, check out some of Logic’s top freestyles right here when you’re done.