Logic is making sure that the next twelve months will become his "bitch." He's got major plans for 2019, which reflect what he's been saying all along. In interviews, Bobby has been adamant that he's working intensely on a slew of different projects. Logic is no longer just a musical phenomenon. He wants to extend his brand to includes novels, movies, television, and more. The first chapter of that begins with the release of his first book Supermarket, which will be released in March. However, the remainder of 2019 will be equally big for the rapper. He's promising new everything for his fans that can never get enough content from the visionary.

Sharing a video of himself dancing inside of a log cabin, Logic told all of his supporters that they can expect new music, new books, new movies, new tours, and new merch before the end of this year. That's a hefty promise but we're almost certain that he will live up to his word. His debut novel is already scheduled for release, he's claimed to have handfuls of projects in the vault waiting for release and he's shown photos of himself around the table reading for his movie. He's got this covered.

2019 is about to be pretty exciting for Logic fans worldwide. What are you most looking forward to?