Recently, a report surfaced that claimed Logan Paul may very well go up against Mike Tyson in a boxing match next year. This glitch in the matrix news was made that much weirder when you realize how Tyson is 55 and Logan is 26. This age gap is truly heinous, it makes no sense for Tyson to step in the ring with a guy who is less than half of his age. 

With that being said, Logan seems to be excited about the fight as he told Fight Hub TV that he is easily going to win against the former Heavyweight champion. As Paul reveals, the age factor is ultimately what will allow him to win.

"He's too old," Paul said. "He's aging. Father time takes a toll on everyone. I got the reflexes of a cat. Like a young, quick feline, brother."

Logan Paul

Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

Paul went on to cite his fight against Floyd Mayweather, noting that his ability to survive the fight is a testament to how good he is in the ring. Of course, many fans will roll their eyes at this, however, Logan does not seem to care one bit.

"We saw with Floyd, dude," Paul said. "There's no f***ing reason that I should have been able to last -- not just last, Floyd's on my highlight reel dog. There's no reason that should be possible."

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