Logan Paul continues to throw shots at boxing legend Floyd Mayweather just eleven days before their anticipated June 6th fight. In a short Instagram video posted Tuesday night, the YouTuber-turned-boxer poked fun at a picture Mayweather posted Tuesday afternoon. The post in question saw Mayweather showing blood on his gloves as he practices for next week’s event. Paul, who lost his only professional fight to YouTuber KSI, continues to equate himself with the undefeated Mayweather. While laughing in the video clip (below), he trolls:

"Floyd Mayweather is so excited that he made someone bleed in sparring, he posted the same picture from the same day. Ohhh, he's so excited. Ay champ, you're not the only person who makes people bleed in sparring. Besides your sparring partners are human blood sprinklers bro. Who you sparring bro, you sparring trash. You pipsqueak. June 6th gunna be the worst day of your life bro, literally I'm gunna make this shit so hard for you."

These comments come after a long month of heckling at the hands of Logan and his brother Jake, as they employ their signature brand of trolling leading up to the fight. Earlier this month, at a press conference advertising the event, Jake Paul spurred a viral meme by grabbing Mayweather’s hat and running off with it, leaving Jake with a black eye.

floyd mayweather versus logan paul

Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

Mayweather has a history of not taking these jokes lightly. The famed boxer even threatened to kill Jake during the “Gotcha Hat” incident, apparently prompting the brothers to hire a 24/7 security team. Mayweather is set to fight the younger Paul brother this year as well, although a date has not been set. Jake himself is coming off of a knockout win against MMA fighter Ben Askren in April, though his actions have since banned him from attending the June 6th event. 

The trolling is sure to continue until the event next Sunday. Will you be tuning in?

Check out Logan Paul's video and Mayweather's original post which sparked the call-out, below.