The debacle at Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul's recent press conferences has reportedly caused the boxing brothers to beef up their security. In less than a month, Mayweather and Paul will face-off in one of the most anticipated bouts of the year thus far, but it was Jake Paul who stole attention at the press conference. He decided to grab his brother's spotlight in his continual taunting of Mayweather and snatched the boxing icon's hat off of his head. The display was captured by cameras and shared globally on social media, and millions saw Mayweather threaten to kill Jake while in the thick of his anger after feeling disrespected. 

Following the incident, Jake tweeted that Floyd sent his goons after him, and now both Paul brothers tell TMZ that they've added a 24-7 detail because they fear Mayweather will make good on his threat.

"Dawg, when you have a guy with the resources and the wealth that Floyd Mayweather has and the connection and the network and he's saying sh*t, 'I'mma kill that motherf*cker' -- kill?! Death?!" said Logan. "You're gonna kill my brother over a f*cking hat?! Yo, we take that sh*t seriously man!" He added that both he and his brother travel with security all day, every day.

The outlet reports that Logan did share that Jake wouldn't be filing a police report or going to court over the impassioned threat, with Jake adding that would be "b*tch sh*t, bro." Meanwhile, Jake and Logan, in good ol' fashioned boxing fun, have remained on the trolling train. Jake has received a "Gotcha Hat" tattoo and is continuing his demand to meet Mayweather in the ring. Jake has been banned from being in the arena to watch his brother's fight against Mayweather.

Check out the Paul brother discussing their security and much more with TMZ below.