Earlier this week, hip hop personality Joe Budden unleashed his vitriol on Lil Yachty, saying his style and music was "ruining the culture." In response, XXL reports Yachty's father, celebrity photographer Shannon McCollum, dragged Budden on social media.

"Only reason I’m posting this so I can publicly say FUCK #joebudden Nigga u have no relevance in Hip Hop!! And on my life I bet when his album drop his numbers will be better than any project you have released. He’s done more in 1 yr than you’ve done your whole wack ass career. FOH niggas love trying they best to pull somebody down instead of lifting somebody up! Get that free press bruh off the back of my young’n but u still a cornball! #oldwackrapperissues 😩," McCollum posted on IG along with a screenshot from an article describing the Budden's beef with his teenage son.

On his Complex News gig, the "Pump It Up" vet expressed outrage at the art cover of Teenage Emotions, King Boat debut album, Monday. He claimed that the "Broccoli" emcee was "not hip hop"  and suggested he was gay because two men kiss on the cover. McCollum has since taken down his post. Budden apologized for his insensitive remarks Tuesday.