While some new kids might not be aware of the political side of Hip Hop, the rising stars of the genre are proving them wrong by lending their voices to politics as the U.S. gubernatorial elections approach. Lil Yachty is not known for being vocal about serious issues, political or otherwise, but he insists on the importance of voting. He urges his fans to exercise their right to vote while expressing his support for Stacey Abrams who is in the running to become the governor of Georgia.

Yachty uploaded a picture of the Democratic Party's nominee to his Instagram with a message meant to inspire his youthful fans to grow awareness for the nation's politics. The photo includes former president Barak Obama shaking his fellow politician's hand behind the podium. Lil Boat cements his stance in his post's caption.

"Man I know I haven’t said too much about politics.. but to all my fans out there in Georgia of age I neeeeeed you all to go vote. It’s suuuuuper important. I’m with @staceyabrams ! #stacyabrams slattt!"

Last week, we witnessed Travis Scott posting up similarly for his own state of Texas. The rapper spoke during an event in support of Beto O'Rourke.